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Arthropoda. Insecta. Neuroptera

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Arthropoda. Insecta. Neuroptera


Phylum Arthropoda
Subphylum Hexapoda
Class Insecta

Neuroptera, Myrmeleonidae.
1) adult; 2) an embryonic stage; 3) mature predatory larva (ant lion) with the mandible-maxillary forceps; 4) ant lion at the bottom of a funnel-like dimple excavated in the sand for capturing ants; 5) different chewing mouthparts.

6) adult; 7) aquatic larval stages with constructed cases of leaves, sand, gravel, etc.

Strepsiptera, Stylopidae: insects characterized by a marked sexual dimorphism.
8) Adult male with a tapered body: prominent eyes; vestigial club-like forewings; large, membranous fan-shaped hindwings with a few veins.
9, 10, 11) Parasitic larva-like female; adult female is wingless, apodous, blind, and without antennae. Her body, enclosed in the two last larval exuviae, is settled between two segments of the abdomen of the host insect, showing only the thorax (12 a).
12) “Stylopized” wasp, term derived from the Stylops genus.


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• Zoologia, Artropodi, Insetti, Tavola didattica

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