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European Approaches to Japanese Language and Linguistics

European Approaches to Japanese Language and Linguistics


In this volume European specialists of Japanese language present new and original research into Japanese language over a wide spectrum of topics which include descriptive, sociolinguistic, pragmatic and didactic accounts.
The articles share a focus on contemporary issues and adopt new approaches to the study of Japanese that often are specific to European traditions of language study.
The articles address an audience that includes both Japanese Studies and Linguistics. They are representative of the wide range of topics that are currently studied in European universities, and they address scholars and students alike.

Series: Ca' Foscari Japanese Studies 13
Sub-series: Linguistics and Language Education 1


Edizioni Ca' Foscari - Digital Publishing




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• Audiovisual translation. Adjectives. Linguistic relativity. Thinking-for-Speaking. Multilingualism. Late Middle Japanese. Japanese dialects. Reading ability. Metalanguage. Gender. Lenition. Motion event description. Kagoshima Japanese. Pragmatics. Language criticism. Worldview. Japanese. Spoken corpora. Moraic isochrony. Durational compensation. Inherent segment duration. Vowel devoicing. Pitch accent. Kanji strings. Context-driven methodology. Japanese impoliteness. Spontaneous talk. Keigo. Pragma-linguistics. Japanese phonetics. Segmental Structure. Talmy’s typology. Kanji competence. Subtitling. Teaching Japanese prosody. Finland. Discourse analysis. Personal pronouns. Italian. Japanese language. Queer speech. Gesture. Japanese Language Education. Linguistic landscape. Theory. English-Japanese bilinguals. Phonology. France. Japanese written language. Corpus linguistics. Relative clauses. Noun incorporation. Morphosyntax. Ainu. Complement clauses. Teaching Japanese pronunciation. Language Education Policy. Teaching strategies. Kokugaku philology.

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• European Approaches to Japanese Language and Linguistics. Venezia, Edizioni Ca' Foscari - Digital Publishing, 2020-07-03.


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