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Bhasha. Vol. 1, n. 2 - October 2022

Bhasha. Vol. 1, n. 2 - October 2022


Table of Contents:

Synchronic Etymologising and Its Role in the Acquisition of Language
Johannes Bronkhorst

From Standard Marker to Adaptor: The Case of Vedic iva
Erica Biagetti

The Creoloid Origins of Chinese
George van Driem

Proto-Dravidian Origins of the Kuṛux-Malto Past Stems
Masato Kobayashi

A Qualitative Study of Actual and Non-Actual Motion Expressions in Telugu and its Implications for Some South Asian Languages
Viswanatha Naidu

Gérard Fussman (1940-2022)
Matteo De Chiara

Matteo De Chiara
Toponymy of the Swāt Valley
Matteo Sesana


Edizioni Ca’ Foscari - Venice University Press




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• Historical phonology • R̥gveda • Similative constructions • Etymologizing • Chinese • Approximation • Agglutinative languages • Cratylus • Language acquisition • Meaning • Comparative reconstruction • Historical grammar • Dravidian • Motion Event Typology • Sino-Tibetan • Past stem • Kuṛux • Telugu • Vedic Sanskrit • Malto • Grammaticalization • Nirukta • Trans-Himalayan • South Asian Languages • Proto-Dravidian • Language typology • Lexicostatistics

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• Bhasha. Venezia, Edizioni Ca’ Foscari - Venice University Press, 2022-10-28, pp. 177-342.


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