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DiSLLipedia – Biographical dictionary of professors at the Department of Linguistic and Literary Studies

DiSLLipedia is a biographical dictionary of the professors who have passed away, but who – since 1941 – lectured in disciplines that are now taught at the Department of Linguistic and Literary Studies (DiSLL). We have collected more than a hundred profiles, accompanied by short biographical entries, to trace the history of literary and linguistic studies at the University of Padua starting from the academic year 1941/42. It was in 1941/42 that the first "Bulletin of the Faculty of Arts and Philosophy" was published. As a yearbook of courses and programmes, it guided students in preparing for exams for over fifty years. We integrated information from the Bulletin with the memories of people who knew the professors – in some cases, those are former students, now teaching at the University of Padua. This enabled us to trace the succession of professors and the development of study programmes, thus outlining the history of the disciplines and their teaching in Padua.

Besides telling the story of an institution through its professors, DiSLLipedia also testifies to the heritage that has been passed on to DiSLL by the Faculty of Letters and Philosophy (1815-2010) and the School of Education, the Institutes of Neo-Latin Philology, Glottology, Slavic Philology, Theatre, Music and Entertainment Studies, Romance Languages and Literatures, as well as the Departments that preceded DiSLL, i.e. Italian Studies, Romance Languages and Literatures, Anglo-Germanic and Slavic Languages and Literatures, Linguistic, Communication and Entertainment Studies.

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