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Scientific wallcharts

In the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, wallcharts were an extremely popular educational tool and a universal means of communication in different subject areas and for different levels of expertise, as higher education opened its doors to the masses.
The project to digitize wallcharts produced for the University of Padua’s science departments was conceived to make these documents accessible, as they not only provide a record of an era and an educational method but also often possess particular artistic merit. The first 194 wallcharts were digitized in 2013 and illustrate topics in the fields of zoology, physics, chemistry, palaeontology and geology. The programme to recover these historic materials developed as teaching aids continues apace, and the collections are sure to increase in size and importance.

Mollusca. Cephalopoda. Tetrabranchiata
Mollusca. Cephalopoda. Tetrabranchiata, 1879–1901.
Padova, Università di Padova, Biblioteca di Geoscienze.

Copépodes parasites
Copépodes parasites.
Padova, Università di Padova, Biblioteca biologico-medica "A. Vallisneri".

The collection can also be accessed via Europeana.

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