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Working Groups Terms of Reference. Deliverable D 1.1.1

Working Groups Terms of Reference. Deliverable D 1.1.1


These Terms of Reference give a short description of the Linked Heritage best practice network and outline the model and procedures for establishing and managing working groups (WGs), each of which focuses on a specific aspect of Linked Heritage. This document is targeted to (a) Linked Heritage stakeholders who will find guidelines on how to set up a working group and (b) to working group members who will be informed about the running of a working group. The goal of these Terms of Reference is to ensure that all WGs have common procedures and adhere to a common model, in order that their results can be integrated across the project and to facilitate project management.


Natale, Maria Teresa (Author)




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• Linked Heritage, Working gruop, Guidelines, Best practice, Stakeholders
• EuroVoc 4.2 -- EDUCATION AND COMMUNICATIONS (D32) -- documentation (MT3221)

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• Natale, Maria Teresa, Working Groups Terms of Reference, 29 p..


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