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S. Elisabetta. 1909

S. Elisabetta. 1909


Photo accompanying the degree thesis, geological and sedimentological study of the deposits of the Lido of Venice. Date on the bottom left: 11.XI.09.
Another photographic print is at p. 76 of the thesis, with the caption Fig. 21 S. Elisabetta 11.XI.09, and with the character in the background re-written in pen.
Subsequent photomechanical reproduction in the printed essay derived from the thesis, "Studi geologici e morfologici sul Lido di Venezia", pl. I, fig. 3.
1 photograph: aristotype; 85 x 115 mm.




image/jpeg (3.19 MB)
photograph (height: 85 mm, width: 115 mm)


• Antonio De Toni


• Ar De Toni Foto


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