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English Literature. Vol. 1 - Dicembre 2014

English Literature. Vol. 1 - Dicembre 2014


Sommario / Table of Contents:

Silvia Bigliazzi

William Hamlin
God-Language and Scepticism in Early Modern England
An Exploratory Study Using Corpus Linguistics Analysis as a Form of Distant Reading

Sarbani Chaudhury
Radical Carnivalisation of Religion in Erasmus’s The Praise of Folly

Patrizia Grimaldi-Pizzorno
Of Lords and Stars
Spenser’s Paradoxical Praise of Essex in the Prothalamion

Carmen Gallo
The Logic of Excess
Religious Paradox and Poetical Truth in Donne’s Love Poetry

Lucia Nigri
Sceptical Responses in Early Modern Plays
From Self-Knowledge to Self-Doubt in Marston’s The Malcontent and Middleton’s The Revenger’s Tragedy

Alessandra Marzola
Shaping Scepticism, Arousing Belief
The Case of Othello

Alessandra Squeo
«For thou must now know farther»
Representation, Illusion, and Unstable Perspectives in The Tempest

Benjamin Bertram
Webster’s Geometry; or, the Irreducible Duchess

Milena Romero Allué
«Let savage Beasts lodge in a Country Den»
Animals, plants and paradoxes in Abraham Cowley’s writings


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