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English Literature. Vol. 2, n. 2 - Dicembre 2015

English Literature. Vol. 2, n. 2 - Dicembre 2015


Sommario / Table of Contents:

Mariaconcetta Costantini

Francesca Orestano
The Chemistry of Taste
Aesthetics, Literature, and the Rise of the Impure

Andrew Mangham
Starving by Numbers
William Farr, Medical Statistics and the Social Aesthetics of Hunger

Silvana Colella
«The mind washes its hands in a basin»
Walter Bagehot’s Literary Essays and Impure Criticism

Saverio Tomaiuolo
Fact and Taste
Thematic and Metaliterary Impurity in Hard Times

Laurence Talairach-Vielmas
Morbid Taste, Morbid Anatomy and Victorian Sensation Fiction

Anne-Marie Beller
«You’re obliged to have recourse to bodies»
Corporeal Proliferation, Class, and Literary Taste in M.E. Braddon’s Revision of The Outcasts

Raffaella Antinucci
«Sensational nonsense»
Edward Lear and the (Im)purity of Nonsense Writing

Jude V. Nixon
Hopkins’s Poetic Porcupines and the Aesthetic of Taste

Roger Ebbatson
Transgressive Art «Before the Mirror»
Swinburne, Hardy, Kristeva

Andrew King
Impure Researches, or Literature, Marketing and Aesthesis
The Case of Ouida’s «A Dog of Flanders» (1871-Today)

Maria Luisa De Rinaldis
The Sacred in Pater’s Aesthetic
Ambivalences and Tensions

Gilles Menegaldo
Late-Victorian Modes of the Aesthetic Impure
The Strange Case of Arthur Machen

Pierpaolo Martino
Consumerism, Celebrity Culture and the Aesthetic Impure in Oscar Wilde


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