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«A riveder la china». Dante nei fumetti (e vignette) italiani dal XIX al XXI secolo

«A riveder la china». Dante nei fumetti (e vignette) italiani dal XIX al XXI secolo


This volume is born from the desire to bring together two worlds: that of Dante scholars and that of cartoonists and illustrators who have drawn inspiration from Dante. The volume is composed of two sections, the first of which, without any claim to being exhaustive, intends to retrace and analyse the presence of Dante and his works in Italian comics and cartoons from the end of the nineteenth century to the present day. Here, from the relationship with the archetypal Gustave Doré, we come to the most recent realisations on web platforms, crossing important junctions in the history of Italy along with some of the most important representatives of the ninth art – Guido Martina, Milo Manara, Benito Jacovitti, Marcello, Astrid – and the equally (and perhaps more) famous characters protagonists of these albums: Mickey Mouse, Geppo, Cattivik and many others. The second section of this volume, instead, hosts a gallery of unpublished works, and alternates brief writings by important exponents of the world of comics with contributions by established or emerging artists who wanted to lend Dante their colourful inks: Marco Amatori, Susanna Barsotti, Alice Boffa, Carola Borelli, Stella Elisa Cassinese, Francesco Dossena, Mattia Iacono, Bruno Letizia, Fabio Listrani, Marcello Magiantini, Fabio Mantovani, Susanna Mariani, Helena Masellis, Davide Messina, Ilaria Palleschi, Michele Penco, Virginia Salucci and Alessio Zanon.


Canova, Leonardo (Editor)
Lombardo, Luca (Editor)
Rigo, Paolo (Editor)


Edizioni Ca' Foscari - Digital Publishing




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• Cattivik • Vita nova • Dante comics • Dante • Satire • Moebius • Marcello Toninelli • Kleiner Flug • Transmediality • Corriere della Sera • Enzo Biagi • Illustrations • Transmedia • Commedia • Intertextuality • Italian linguistics • Milton Glaser • Feudalesimo&libertà • Comics • Lorenzo Mattotti • Francesco Petrarca • Post-war Italy • Upside-down world • Newspaper • Divine Comedy • Great parodies • Farinata degli Uberti • Guido Martina • Don Alemanno • Inferno • Parody • Disney literature classics • Fortune • Jacovitti • Illustration • Dante’s biography • Federico Fellini • Humour • Topolino • Gustave Doré • Dante’s fortune • Feudalesimo&libertà • Emilio Giannelli • Hellish underground • Scatology • Dante in the twentieth century • Intertestuality • Milo Manara • llustration

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• «A riveder la china». Venezia, Edizioni Ca' Foscari - Digital Publishing, 2021-11-15.


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