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Lagoonscapes. Vol. 1, n. 1 - June 2021. Thinking the Planet with Venice

Lagoonscapes. Vol. 1, n. 1 - June 2021. Thinking the Planet with Venice


The first Italian journal expressly dedicated to the Environmental Humanities, Lagoonscapes, is animated by a ‘local’ awareness and a ‘planetary’ vision. Its title mirrors this spirit and the inescapable need to strengthen the junction between cultural perspectives and ecological complexity.
Lagoonscapes is a sort of prism through which multiple perspectives converge, turning the Venetian lagoon into a symbolic laboratory, an observatory, a forge of ideas about the global panorama of the Environmental Humanities.
Art, meteorology, climatic imagination, bodily immersions in the ecology of places, food, eco-ethnography, multimedia performance, extractive tourism, debunked clichés, and quagmires: this first issue is a sample of what we envision to be our mission, namely, to create bridges of elements, voices, and visions, facilitating encounters of theories and individual matters, and stimulating ‘trans-local’ negotiations along with planetary awareness.

Table of Contents:

Introducing Lagoonscapes. The Venice Journal of Environmental Humanities
Serenella Iovino Stefano Beggiora

Greeting Address for the First Issue of the Journal Lagoonscapes: The Venice Journal on Environmental Humanities
Enrico Vicenti

The Environmental Humanities at Ca’ Foscari: Old and New
Shaul Bassi

A Constitution for the Anthropocene Body Politic
Environment, Culture, and the Humanities in the Twenty-First Century
Serenella Iovino

The Meteorological Occult: Submergences in the Venetian Fog
Ifor Duncan

Imagining Venetian Hydro-Peripatetics with Ciardi, Favretto, Lansyer, and Pasini
Daniel A. Finch-Race

On Ice: Life and Lunch at Mercato di Rialto
L. Sasha Gora

Resisting the Tourist Gaze. Art Activism Against Cruise Ship Extractivism in the Venice Lagoon
Emiliano Guaraldo

The Role of Performance in Environmental Humanities: The Case of Joan Jonas’s Moving Off the Land II
Gabriella Giannachi

Bodily Transformations: Goethe and Mann in Venice
Heather I. Sullivan

If Venice Dies: A Reading from the Perspective of Environmental Humanities
Interview with Salvatore Settis
Roberta Biasillo Salvatore Settis


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• Elena Mazzi • Gli Impresari • Meteorology • Weather • Nineteenth century • Art • Environmental sensing • Thomas Mann • Joan Jonas • Capitalocene • Eleonora Sovrani • Johann Wolfgang Goethe • Death in Venice • Cruise ships • Extractive tourism • Venice • Environmental media • Markets • Culinary knowledge • Blue humanities • Presence • The senses • Submergence • Environmental justice • Ocean Space • UNESCO • Banksy • Material ecocriticism • Contemporary art • Art-activism • New Humanities • Performance • Ecology • Environment • Seafood • Multispecies • Foodways • Walking • Embodiment • Body politic • Environmental Humanities • Nature

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• Lagoonscapes. Venezia, Edizioni Ca' Foscari - Digital Publishing, 2021-12-20.


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