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Lagoonscapes. Vol. 1, n. 2 - December 2021. Humanities, Ecocriticism and Multispecies Relations. Proceedings (part I)

Lagoonscapes. Vol. 1, n. 2 - December 2021. Humanities, Ecocriticism and Multispecies Relations. Proceedings (part I)


This monographic issue delves decidedly into the multiple facets of the Environmental Humanities debate. It gathers the proceedings of the conference Humanities, Ecocriticism and Multispecies Relations, which was held at Ca’ Foscari University on 28-29 September 2020, and which was dedicated to Environmental Studies from a multidisciplinary perspective.
The concept note of the event, whose proceedings Lagoonscapes is delighted to offer to its readers in two dedicated issues (this is the first part), proposed a sort of journey around the world through cultures, in particular of indigenous peoples native to Asia, Oceania, Northern Europe and the Americas.

Table of Contents:

Stefano Beggiora Serenella Iovino

Looking at the Anthropocene Through the Multispecies Prism
Lia Zola Stefano Beggiora

Trees, Birds and Other Non-Humans
Mythological Entanglements with Landscape, Flora, Fauna and Spirits of the Himalayas
Davide Torri

General Introduction to Environmental Humanities in India
The Ecocritical Discourse in Hindu Literature
Stefano Beggiora

Mining in a Sacred Landscape: Adivasis, Deities and Alliances in a Former Princely State in Odisha/India
Uwe Skoda

Environmentalism and Sustainability as an Expression of Islamic Morality
Ida Zilio-Grandi

Cunning as... a Wolf
Multispecies Relations Between Humans and Wolves in Eastern Siberia
Lia Zola

Indigenous Shamanic Worldviews as Dialogical Eco-Cosmology
Lidia Guzy

From the Birth of the Soundscape Concept to the Sound Ambient in Disneyland-Paris
Giovanni De Zorzi Alessio Calandra

Venetian Lagoon Mussel Farming Between Tradition and Innovation
An Example of Changes in Perception and Multispecies Relations
Rita Vianello


Beggiora, Stefano (Editor)
Zola, Lia (Editor)


Edizioni Ca' Foscari - Digital Publishing




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• Lagoonscapes. Venezia, Edizioni Ca' Foscari - Digital Publishing, 2021-12-21.


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