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English Literature. Vol. 9 - Dicembre 2022

English Literature. Vol. 9 - Dicembre 2022



British Physico-Theological Poetry and Newtonian Physics
The Use of Principia Mathematica (1687) in Sir Richard Blackmore’s Creation (1712)
Benedetta Burgio

“Strange Sight this Congress!”
Byron’s The Age of Bronze (1823) and the Congress of Verona
James Vigus

Anatole France, Oscar Wilde, and James Joyce
A Queer Genealogy of “The Dead”
Michael F. Davis

“Into the Exquisitely Obscure”: Aestheticism and Fragmentation in Oscar Wilde’s The Picture of Dorian Gray
Claudia Coimbra

Empowering the Virgin: Rethinking the Agency of the Feminine Characters in James Joyce’s Works
Pei-Wen Clio Kao

Clarissa’s Party in the House of the Sleeping Beauties
A Study of Memory and Time in Woolf’s Mrs. Dalloway and Kawabata’s The House of the Sleeping Beauties
Usama Ibrahim

Edwardian Hegemony in Tressell and Sassoon
Paul Melia

The Science of Fiction
Human-Robot Interaction in McEwan’s Machines Like Me
Silvana Colella


Gregori, Flavio (Scientific advisor)


Edizioni Ca’ Foscari - Venice University Press




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• Death of God • British Romanticism • James Joyce • European Romanticism • Conservative Consensus • Wilde • ­Newtonian Physics • Artificial Intelligence • <div>Human-robot Interaction • aestheticism • Ulysses • Atavism • Ian Mc­Ewan • evil • Physico-theology • Anatole France • beauty • Creation • Failed Annunciation • A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man • Natural Theology • Neoperceptionists • Sir Richard Blackmore • Mrs • Virginia Woolf • Social Class • Education • House of the Sleeping Beauties • Pastoral Ideal • Anthropomorphism • Historical Criticism • Satire • Sport • Byron • Time • Dalloway • Recollection • Ignored Masses • Christian Origin Story • Modernism • Blessed-virgin Women • Eighteenth-century Poetry • Cultural patriotism • Memory • Decadence • Human-robot Interaction • <div>Social Class • “The Dead” • Congress of Verona • Kawabata • Representation of Women • Fiction

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• English Literature. Venezia, Edizioni Ca’ Foscari - Venice University Press, 2023-04-13, 166 p.


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