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Lagoonscapes. Vol. 2, n. 2 - December 2022. Arboreal Ecocriticism

Lagoonscapes. Vol. 2, n. 2 - December 2022. Arboreal Ecocriticism


The articles collected in this special issue devoted to what we are calling “Arboreal Ecocriticism” exhibit tree-consciousness in a variety of cultural, linguistic, and national traditions, including Australian Aboriginal poetry, Moroccan fiction, Indian activist prose, Turkish shamanistic fiction, French literature, and Taiwanese folklore.

Table of Contents:


Scott Slovic, Shiuhhuah Serena Chou

Gija Jumulu: Arboreal Ecocriticism and the Australian Boab
John Charles Ryan

Arboreal Attachment/Detachment
The Felling of a Lonesome Tree in Muhammad Zafzāf’s
“The Sacred Tree”
Marianne Marroum

Toward an Arboreal Poetics
Aaron M. Moe

Life Writing as Plant-Writing: Arboreal Encounters in Kallen
Pokkudan’s Kandalkaadukalkkidayil Ente Jeevitham (2002)
Varna Venugopal, Swarnalatha Rangarajan

Buket Uzuner’s Fire and Sacred Trees
An Interview and Impressions
Pinar Batur, Ufuk Özdağ

The Healing Mathematics of Life in a Gesture:
Jean Giono’s The Man Who Planted Trees
Françoise Besson

Trees in Taiwanese Folklore
Yujun Yang


Slovic, Scott (Editor)
Chou, Shiuhhuah Serena (Editor)


Edizioni Ca’ Foscari - Venice University Press




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• Jean Giono • Moon Festival • Gija Jumulu • Connections • Arboreal ecocriticism • Fire • Biosemiosis • Plant writing • Tree of life • Children’s guardian deity • Mangroves • Alech Choate • Arboreal poetics • Upheaval • Environmental humanities • The profane • Dendrocriticism • Eco-shamanism • Tree worship • Tim Winton • The sacred tree • The social • Life writing • Zoopoetics • Planting trees • Change • Phytography • The superstitious • Land revival • Kallen Pokkudan • Wangari Maathai • The sacred • Buket Uzuner • Poiesis • Lantern Festival • The political • Veronica Lake • Bill Neidjie • Climate crisis

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• Lagoonscapes. Venezia, Edizioni Ca’ Foscari - Venice University Press, 2022-12-15, 183-306 pp.


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