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Università degli Studi di Padova

PHAIDRA – Digital collections

EXIF Viewer for the Object o:68386

  • RIFF
Frame Rate 50
Max Data Rate 179 kB/s
Frame Count 27376
Stream Count 2
Image Width 1280
Image Height 720
Stream Type Video
Video Codec H264
Video Frame Rate 50
Video Frame Count 27376
Quality Default
Sample Size Variable
Stream Type Audio
Audio Sample Rate 43.07
Audio Sample Count 23580
Quality Default
Sample Size Variable
Encoding AAC
Num Channels 2
Sample Rate 44100
Avg Bytes Per Sec 15415
Bits Per Sample 16
Software Lavf56.25.101
  • File
File Name o_68386+OCTETS+OCTETS.0
File Size 97 MB
File Modification Date/Time 2015:10:21 13:35:56+02:00
File Access Date/Time 2015:10:21 13:35:56+02:00
File Permissions rw-r--r--
File Type AVI
MIME Type video/x-msvideo
Image Width 1280
Image Height 720
Planes 1
Bit Depth 24
Compression H264
Image Length 2764800
Pixels Per Meter X 0
Pixels Per Meter Y 0
Num Colors Use BitDepth
Num Important Colors All
  • Composite
Duration 0:09:07
  • ExifTool
ExifTool Version Number 9.04