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EXIF Viewer for the Object o:71978

  • JFIF
JFIF Version 1.01
Resolution Unit inches
X Resolution 300
Y Resolution 300
  • ICC_Profile
Profile CMM Type NKON
Profile Version 2.2.0
Profile Class Display Device Profile
Color Space Data RGB
Profile Connection Space XYZ
Profile Date Time 1999:12:07 18:59:22
Profile File Signature acsp
Primary Platform Apple Computer Inc.
CMM Flags Not Embedded, Independent
Device Manufacturer none
Device Attributes Reflective, Glossy, Positive, Color
Rendering Intent Perceptual
Connection Space Illuminant 0.9642 1 0.82491
Profile ID 0
Profile Description Nikon Adobe RGB
Red Matrix Column 0.60976 0.31113 0.01947
Green Matrix Column 0.20525 0.62566 0.06087
Blue Matrix Column 0.1492 0.06322 0.74463
Red Tone Reproduction Curve (Binary data 14.00 bytes)
Green Tone Reproduction Curve (Binary data 14.00 bytes)
Blue Tone Reproduction Curve (Binary data 14.00 bytes)
Media White Point 0.9505 1 1.0891
Profile Copyright Nikon Inc. & Nikon Corporation 2001
  • File
File Name o_71978+OCTETS+OCTETS.0
File Size 1619 kB
File Modification Date/Time 2015:11:24 11:23:54+01:00
File Permissions rw-r--r--
File Type JPEG
MIME Type image/jpeg
Image Width 1076
Image Height 1500
Encoding Process Baseline DCT, Huffman coding
Bits Per Sample 8
Color Components 3
Y Cb Cr Sub Sampling YCbCr4:4:4 (1 1)
  • ExifTool
ExifTool Version Number 8.60