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English Literature. Theories, Interpretations, Contexts

English Literature. Theories, Interpretations, Contexts


English Literature. Theories, Interpretations, Contexts was founded within the National Association of Teachers of English Studies (ANDA) in 2014.
Presently, the journal is run by an independent board of scholars in English literature.
It provides room for a critical analysis of issues and themes concerning English literature, also in a comparative view.
The journal wants to promote a multidisciplinary approach to literature, to its relations with the various fields of knowledge, with culture, society, science, and the arts.
It is also proposed as a privileged place for the discussion of the tools and strategies used by literature, according to various theoretical perspectives.
The journal promotes the discussion and exchange of ideas among researchers, teachers and young scholars at both an international and national level.

General Editor:
Flavio Gregori, Università Ca’ Foscari Venezia, Italia

Periodicity: annual.


• Literature

Object languages:

English, Italian

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